Welcome to Joy Road!

So, today I turned 47! Yes, that's 47 years old! I'm saying it loud and saying it proud! I must say there have been quite a few times I have felt like this beat up sign of Joy Road and times when I feel just the opposite! My Dad told me that the Joy Road sign took a hit this past Winter due to a water leak that needed repair in the road. It may take time for the city to replace the beat up old sign, but it seems to be holding up well and it still is serving it's purpose in a very good way! It is still clear, easy to see, easy to understand and is a guide to the people that need to see it! I can only hope that I will do the same! That even though I am imperfect, people will see the good in my music. They will see my heart, and the love will be clear and easy to read!

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