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Joy Road is full of memories! Like many places that each one of us have lived or visited, these places hopefully hold an amazing amount of wonderful thoughts in our minds. Not every place is perfect and I'm sure we all have learned many lessons, some even the hard way, as we make our way through this life of ours.

But, we can reach back and thankfully remember the times God has given us with family and friends and share that love with future family and friends! Some say joy is contagious! And, I agree. I remember at slumber parties with my friends, when we would laugh and laugh until our bellies hurt! In college, after playing music with friends and being up late and absolutely laughing so hard, we could hardly stand it! What amazing memories!

So, if it's possible for you, try to spread some joy today and maybe this week. It may take some deep digging, trying to find some memories to inspire you, or you may be ready now. It may be sharing some of your favorite music with a close friend, or smiling at someone at the grocery store. Paying for someones meal with out them knowing. Giving someone a hug. Sending them a little note of encouragement. Just to try to take a step down Joy Road even if it's just a little one.

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