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The Second Song

Have you ever listened to your favorite CD, and found a song on it that you just have to listen to over and over again? It may not even be the title song. It may not even be the first song. My son and I have a few favorite songs that we both like and when they come on, he doesn't even have to ask to put the "repeat" button on! And yes, we listen to it 6 times or more in a row! I love that! And yes, it's true. One of Caleb's favorite songs is "Why, Oh Why" from the CD! Well, it seems that the second song on "How is this Beautiful" is several people's favorite song, which is so wonderful to know. I can't tell you how much it means to a musician to hear how much you enjoy their music. Especially when they are original songs, they truly come from the heart. At least for this musician, they do. And most that I know personally. I originally wrote "Bring Me the Sun" for spring time at our church in Lexington in 2011. It is a peaceful song, full of hope, and full of love. The original title was "Bring Me the Son" because the spring brings so many signs of hope. Easter is one of those major signs. The Resurrection after Good Friday! Flowers coming up out of the cold ground. Snow melting. Warmth! Trees are budding. We get excited about the changes and yet we start to relax because the harsh winter is over. This song is about that time to breathe. That time when we can just say, "Oh, how I love you." Whether it be to God, a family member, a friend, our mate, our sons or daughters, or someone we just met that needs to hear how much they are loved or all of them! If you haven't had a chance to listen to this song, please take just a moment and follow the link below. Close your eyes, if you like, while you listen. Feel the love inside. It's okay. Welcome it. Bring Me the Sun Link Music and Lyrics by Lisa Sherwood, Guitar Arrangement: John Forgy I see your love flying on wings of a bird In the wind as it settles in trees I see your smile spring to life in the morning sun When a flower opens with ease C.Bring me the sun, bring me the sun I feel your love inside Bring me the sun, bring me the sun I feel your love inside How I love you…. How I love you… I see your gentleness when the sun starts to set And the world is quiet and ceased I see your dreams… in the eyes of a child When his eyes are bright with peace

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