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Merry Christmas!

You might remember or know that for Advent, some light candles of the Advent wreath that represent each Sunday in Advent! Well, Christmas just started yesterday and and on Christmas Eve or Christmas, if you have a white candle, you might have lit what is called the Christ candle! As Advent is a time of reflection and preparation, we reflected on love, joy, peace, and faith that the scriptures have shown us and that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us through the scriptures! We also prepared our hearts, to not only thank God for the precious gift of God’s only Son, but also that His Holy Spirit is with us, and we prepared and continue to prepare for the Second coming!

The Christ candle represents the light of the world, Jesus, Himself, that came to save the world! Before the first light of Christmas day, before the first light of the very first Christmas, God had a plan in place that would bring the light of His Son, to a dark world, and that Son would die on a cross so that we can be reconciled with the Father! What an incredible celebration we can have through this most precious gift and the celebration of knowing that we will meet Him in the air someday when He returns! Amen, and amen!

There is a wonderful prayer below that you can pray to celebrate this most glorious time of year! Is it the most wonderful time of year? You bet! But, not because of presents, and holly, Christmas trees and lights. That’s all great!

It’s the most wonderful time because we can know that God loves us so much, that He planned everything down to every detail so that we can believe on Him, accept Him into our hearts and He will hold His promises true and someday, will reign forevermore! Hallelujah and Merry Christmas!!

*Father, may we grasp how great Your love is for us and live each day with a heart of gratitude for the gift of Your Son. May our song this Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning be great, and even greater when Your Son returns! In the name of Christ, who has come and will reign forever. Amen

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