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Ready for Fall

No, I'm not ready to fall! Ha! I've already done that enough in my lifetime! But, if you know me just a little, you know I love the season of Fall! Autumn! l'automne! fhómhair! autunno!

I hope this season finds you well and healthy and enjoying some music whether on the radio, or on your favorite speaker, or maybe some live shows that have started to happen again.

I have been busy adding some arrangements of mine to my own website and to another website called Sheet Music Plus. If you know a flute player, pianist, or clarinetist, please send them my way. I'm also looking forward to creating some new music! This year has been a season of healing, changing focus, and looking inward. It's time to

make more music!

I hope this time of giving thanks, has found you giving thanks for even the smallest of things. A peaceful evening. A good meal. A visit with friends or family. A phone call that lifts your spirits. A hug from your child. A doggie hug. A smile given to you in the grocery store. A card in the mail. Your favorite dessert. I am thankful for you, for your support and for your prayers! God bless and stay safe!

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