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Third and Fourth Sundays in Advent

Hello everyone! Yes, I'm playing catch up a bit as I was traveling last weekend and catching up this past week. I was at the farm in Western Kentucky with Reece, our rescue/foster pup and we left the farm on Friday afternoon before the tornadoes struck Western KY. The farm is only 25 miles from Mayfield, KY and my family is in shock and of course supporting and praying for those that lost everything and those families that lost loved ones as well. Our family members in Western KY are all okay and did not have major damage but please continue to pray for all of the loss and concern for those affected by the tornadoes.

Last Sunday began the third week of Advent. And with it comes the message of Joy! This was kind of difficult for me to process after the tornadoes and loss of life but at the same time, we look at why we can rejoice in troubled times and good times. We can have a joy that passes all understanding because we celebrate the birth of the Savior of the world that came to save us from our human-ness and sin. It is not a joy that is fleeting. God's kind of joy keeps us going in tough times. We can definitely rejoice in that! Check out Philippians 4:4-5 this week!

This coming Sunday, December 19, is the fourth Sunday in Advent and wow, we focus on God's faithfulness! We know and have faith that God sent His son to be born as a baby to give us salvation through His death and resurrection. But we also have faith that Jesus will return again and He will reign eternal on this very earth! And then, but not the least of these beliefs of faith is that we can have absolute faith that God keeps His promises! It was foretold that Jesus would be born! It is told to us that Jesus will come again and reign on earth! He has also promised us His love, His guidance, His help in times of need, His strength when we can't endure, His wisdom, and many more promises! What promises of God can you reach for this season of Christmas? What promises are you currently needing and reaching for? His steadfast love of us, never ceases so He is ready and strong so we can have faith in Him! As we arrive closer to the celebration of the birth of Jesus check out these amazing verses and maybe reflect on how much God loves us, His faithfulness, His peace and joy that surpasses anything we can comprehend!

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